pyBox User Manual

pyBox is a web based movie catalogue management system

pyBox in a nutshell:

pyBox catalogues your movie collection automatically once a .torrent file is being downloaded. The imdb link is automatically detected through AI. pyBox has a customizeable multithreaded feeder to extract .torrent file from you favorite torrent sites. Various user friendly reports allow you to query it's movie database. Downloaded movies are automatically unrared and cleaned.

Main Menu: pyBox

Following chapters explain the functionality of pyBox. You see the menu item desciption followed by the URL link of the pyBox server.

New arrivals -> /pybox/path_display

In "New arrivals" you find the directories that are available in default torrents completed download directory C:/Completed/0.Unrar.
To display the content of your collection you can start pyBox with: /pybox/path_display/D:/

On the top of the screen you find the menu structure. See further chapters for explaination of the menu items. A directory display starts with a folder icon. If you click the folder icon you go to the raw directory display view. If a directory has been succesfully recognised as a movie then movie title, year and rating are displayed otherwise just the name of the directory is displayed. Clicking on a movie title allows to display the movie records stored in pyBox.

After the directory or short movie identifier you get the file icons that have been found in the directory. Movie files look like little film cells, pictures, files and folders each have their own icon. Of course by clicking on a movie icon you start playing back the movie.

Downloading -> /pybox/path_display/c:/torrents

Refresh catalog -> /pybox/catalog

Movie filter -> /pybox/movie_filter

List posters -> /pybox/list_posters

Posters by genre -> /pybox/posters_by_genre

Catalog Table -> /imdbcatalog.htm

Movies ratings -> /pybox/movies_by_actor

Movies by actor -> /pybox/actor_movie_list

Movies without directories -> /pybox/movies_empty

Movies duplicated -> /pybox/movies_duplicated

Empty directories -> /pybox/directories_empty

Directories size -> /pybox/directories_size

Web browse -> /movies

Adminstration Menu

Setting up data feeds

Select Admin->Django Administrator.
Login if required.

Creating a query

Select Queries and create the search query filter for the feed you will use. Save the Query.

Creating a feed

To enter a web site you want to poll for new movies/games or stuff you need to setup the feed definition with the mulitple queries to search the .torrent web site from.
Select Feeds. Create a Feed. Enter the web site description name, web site url and the queries the site should be interrogated by.

Test the feeder

Run C:\Program Files\pyBox\pybox\ Even if you have 100 queries setup now the feeder is using multi-threading to request each query simultatiously. That's why it extracts .torrent files so FAST. Oh by the way it's doesn't retry launching .torrents that were already downloaded or that are excluded from exclusion list.

Create a scheduled task for the feeder

Use DOS box->Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks and create a new task that should run every hour or so. You should now be setup to receive your favorite content AUTOMATICALLY. Oh, did I mention that whenever a torrent is downloaded and being launched into uTorrent that pyBox tries to find the best matching movie/game desciption on IMDB and poster on movieposterdb and creates the pyBox movie view.